Butler’s Plumbing specializes in repairing and replacing garbage disposals!

Your Garbage Disposal unit is under your kitchen sink and connected to the drainage system. If your garbage disposal becomes clogged, starts leaking, or just stops working, you need Butler’s Plumbing!

Garbage disposals shred food waste into very small pieces so they can easily pass through the drain. A Garbage disposal unit is an environment friendly product as it helps eliminates the methane emissions. There has been considerable debate regarding the operation and maintenance of a garbage disposal unit as some people feel that it is difficult to operate and involves high maintenance cost.

BUTLERS-PLUMBING DISPOSAL PLUMBINGAnyone can operate a garbage unit by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Place all you leftovers such as vegetable and fruit peels, etc in your sink.
  • Turn on the tap and start the garbage disposal.
  • Then the Garbage disposal will automatically shred the leftover food into tiny pieces.
  • If the food is clogged in then try to push it with kitchen brush or some other tool and you should avoid using your hands.
  • Turn off the garbage disposal as soon as you are finished but don’t turn off the tap let the water flow for 15 seconds. This procedure is followed just to make sure that the food particles are flushed properly into the drain and then turn of the tap.

It is not at all difficult to maintain a garbage disposal and the maintenance costs are not high at all. By following the below mentioned steps, you can easily maintain your garbage disposal:

  • Garbage disposal is only meant to dispose the food waste so do not put anything else in it.
  • Don’t put greasy or oily stuff into the garbage disposal as grease adheres to the blades and builds on them.
  • Always use good amount of cold water while you are using a garbage disposal as it quickly flushes out the food particles into the sewer. One should also use some amount of hot water as they liquefy the grease and fats, which gets collected on the blades.
  • Do not put hard food wastes such as bones, seeds, etc as garbage disposal won’t be able to grind such items, and it would result in clogging.
  •  Don’t use harmful chemicals in order to clean it. You can clean it by simply putting a cupful of ice cubes into the garbage disposal.

Many people don’t use garbage disposals because they are noisy or get jammed frequently. To overcome this issue nowadays many models are made using noise free technology and they possess anti jamming feature, too.

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